As the only faith-based, wealth-based system specifically designed with the black community in mind, dfree® delivers access to financial freedom. dfree® uses a variety of tools to educate, motivate and support people who make the choice to achieve and sustain financial freedom. dfree® began as a faith-based initiative to help stem an epidemic of overspending in the African American community. dfree® has grown into a movement that gives participants: the ability to handle their own financial responsibilities; willingness to help others do the same; and, capacity to leave assets for future generations. 

dfree® is also a movement to help achieve economic justice in America. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We must never let it be said that we spend more for the evanescent and ephemeral than for the eternal values of freedom and justice.” dfree® emphasizes controlling money matters so that individuals have the freedom to focus on more purposeful pursuits.

Our Mission

dfree® is a transformational, lifestyle movement that promotes financial freedom through values-based principles and practical approaches to financial management.

dfree® guides participants to become free from debt, delinquency, and deficits and uses the freedom to establish deposits, dividends, and deeds.

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Leaders Behind Our Success

    Founded in 2005 by DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., dfree® is a financial freedom movement that addresses the cultural, psychological and spiritual influences on financial wellness and offers practical strategies for achieving financial success.