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You can become a Real Estate Investor

You can become a Real Estate Investor

Kiavi collaborates with dfree® Financial Freedom Movement to provide training and financing to people in underserved communities as a pathway to build wealth, revitalize communities and rehabilitate aged homes across the country.


There are many ways that a person can get involved in real estate investing today. One of the smartest—and most engaging for investors—is flipping houses.

If you're just getting started in real estate investing, don't expect to become an expert overnight. Yes, it's true that you can make money buying and selling properties.

For those who want to invest in real estate without the long-term commitment of a rental property—house flipping can be a worthy alternative as it typically involves a much shorter commitment and a quicker return on investment.

If you are considering buying rental properties, you should already know how to analyze an investment by penciling out your real estate deal.

If you’re considering flipping houses, welcome to the club. This investment strategy is one of the best ways to dive into real estate and earn some potential returns on your investment.

There are a number of reasons why owning a rental property is a smart real estate investment. Real estate tends to appreciate in value over time.

Real estate investors can be some of the wealthiest people you’ll meet. However, there are certain rules investors should consider following when borrowing money for real estate, particularly if they’re new to the game.