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Prudential executives and dfree® are on a mission to help others as they celebrate their 10th anniversary

Prudential and dfree® are partnering to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their partnership.

Prudential and the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their partnership. Since 2011, the pair have been working together to provide financial education and resources to African and African American communities.

The anniversary celebration will kick off with a five-week virtual series that will examine the wealth gap and where it stands today. It will also provide financial tips and strategies to avoid debt, get out of it and build wealth.

“The goal is to provide people with hope. Whether you’re in debt and need to get out of it, or if someone is taking home a significant amount, yet, they still find themselves struggling, this event is for them. I want people to get the tools they need to create a successful strategy for their money so they can build wealth and leave a legacy for their loved ones,” says Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., CEO of Corporate Community Connections and founder of the dfree® Movement.

In addition to the virtual series, participants will have access to the Pathways webinars hosted by Prudential’s financial experts and Dr. Soaries.

To view the full event schedule, click here.


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